Outdoor Low Maintenance Poly Furniture Delivered Throughout the Nashville Area

Timber Valley Rustic Furniture has a huge inventory of poly furniture for home, cabin, and patio. Poly Furniture is a recycled material made from plastic milk jugs and juice bottles that last for years. The colors don’t fade and the stainless steel screws and quality fittings never rust.

Please - compare the quality of our poly furniture with what you will find in the big-box stores. We offer superior furniture at competitive prices. In fact, we are cheaper than the Internet wholesale stores. Timber Valley Rustic Furniture can offer these prices because we make much of our hand-crafted furniture in our own Tennessee factory.

We care deeply about every piece we build so we deliver ourselves here in the Nashville area. By delivering instead of leasing a service or using a delivery company, we can promise a dent free low maintenance Poly patio set put right into your backyard, ready to use. Its an uncommon commitment to our customers that sets Timber Valley Rustic Furniture apart.
A Red Polywood Patio Set
Because we make much of our own low maintenance Poly furniture, we can create anything you need for that special nook on the porch or in the backyard. We even stock warm earth-tone pieces in bear, deer, and horse themes. These chairs, rockers, gliders and swings can be created and delivered in any color combination you want. If you would like to see more of these pieces, just visit our poly store page.

One of the most attractive aspects of poly furniture is the low maintenance: there is almost nothing to be done. Poly furniture is suited for the Nashville outdoor environment and will last for many years.

You will also be pleased to learn that we stock our poly furniture in a wide selection of colors, ranging from quiet earth-tones to cheerful pastels. All designed for outdoor use. Your are welcomed to see the poly furniture we have in stock.

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To complement your new decor, you will need some wall decorations. Timber Valley Rustic Furniture has you covered. Our sister company, The Craft Room has hundreds of warm pictures for you to choose from. Feel free to visit their website and find the perfect complement to your new log furniture.

If you require any help at all, please visit our Support Page or call the numbers listed at the bottom of every page on this site. Our knowledgeable staff is here to answer every question and help you complete your warm home.

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Would you love to complete the rustic decor in your home? Visit The Craft Room and discover a full line of wall art for every need.